Leonid Vinogradov

advertising photographer, designer

+3 8 (095) 115 72 09

Denis Sidak


Igor Bielonog

Chef & Food Stylist


post production


Leonid Vinogradov’s food photography captures exquisite dishes in the most realistic way.

Leonid’s passion for photography came to him during his time working at a branding agency as a CG designer and 3D artist. He was often faced with projects where it was necessary to present the food in the most favourable light to the consumer. Leonid worked in a team with food stylist Igor Bielonog, and this cooperation has continued to be an inspiration for them now as they work jointly on their projects.

Igor Bielonog is also a chef, so each dish is prepared with carefully selected and certified ingredients where attention to detail is second to none.

In addition to food photography, Leonid and Igor are addicted to traveling, which provides their inspiration to make their projects unique.

The team is currently successfully working with restaurants, advertising agencies, magazines and many other clients.

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